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With the recent trends of RCV manufactures designing more compact, eco-logical means of refuse collection in urban areas,  it was only a matter of time until the Kings of Municipal waste joined in.

Dennis Eagle has unveiled a pre-production prototype of a totally new compact refuse collection vehicle (RCV) designed specifically to meet the demands in urban operations. It’s designed to reduce impact on other road users, pedestrians and cyclists, but without compromising on payload potential.

This compact two-axle 16 tonne gross vehicle which is capable of delivering an impressive payload potential of 8 tonnes. That’s around three tonnes more than a conventional 18 tonner.dennis-1

A great deal of attention has been given to optimising the payload potential within the smallest overall dimensions. By saving weight, it’s been possible to reduce the size of the road wheels  and tyres (285/70R 19.5), giving a lower centre of gravity and making crew entry (and exit) to the already low-entry cab even better.


The Configuration (what we know)

Thanks to a considerably tighter steering lock from the narrow track front independent suspension system which creates more space for the front wheels to turn sharper.

The compaction body/hopper unit and the bin lifters are pretty conventional, although Dennis Eagle engineers have developed a tapered rear hopper profile to help reduce potential swing-out damage on tight turns. Plus of course, smaller wheels and tyres have enabled the hopper load-over height to be reduced, while also enabling a high volume body/hopper design within any given overall height.

This pre-production Dennis could actually be available within a couple of years before 2020 in other words. The drivers controls are much like those on a current-model Dennis Elite-6 except the instrumentation and control systems are all to the next level.

This pre-production model features a low-entry crew cab giving accommodation for driver and three crew with a flat cab floor. It gives the driver cross-cab access to the nearside without having to exit into busy traffic.

The kerbside door can be either a conventional hinged door, or a bus-type folding door and on production versions, kneeling front air suspension could reduce the already low step height even further, as the vehicle comes to a stop.

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