Coffee Shops Roasted for poor recycling of disposable cups -

Mps have been giving the leading coffee shops in the UK a stearin talking too and have expressed deep concerns over the current recycling rate of the Uks disposable cups.

Only a staggering 1% of the 2.5 Billion disposable cups we use in the Uk every year are recycled, with experts predicting that we will be throwing away more than three billion a year by 2025.

Mary Creagh MP, who is currently leading an inquiry into the environmental damage that is being caused by disposable cups, asked representatives from some of the world’s biggest coffee companies if the industry has “been sitting tight and hoping nobody is going to notice what it’s up to”.

However the manufactures where quick to defend with it currently being “Too Difficult to make a cup that matches what the standard needs to be and we can’t use recycled materials in it because they could be contaminated with food waste” continuing their case they said,

“You can have the most recyclable cup out there but if it actually isn’t put in the right bin it’s not going to get recycled.

It is mostly general waste bins on the street and that is where the challenge exists.

There is a huge amount we need to do about engaging the consumer, but also it’s about making sure everyone is aware through the right signage and messages how they can recycle.”

What do you think? What do you do with your disposable cup once its empty?

For the full story & Video report please check out the special report carried out by Sky News ,

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