UK Recycling Confusion – The Low Down -

One of the United Kingdoms most successful & eco-logical thinking recycling firms in the UK, Im8100slimjims60LB2Viridor is into its second year of a indexing scheme aimed at identifying & encouraging households to recycle their waste against the backdrop of a declining national recycling rate.

Key areas of the report have identified much that you and I can agree on,

  • Roughly 71% of us agree that a consistent recycling collection system would increase recycling rates alone!
  • A proportion of the UK believe that product manufacturers and businesses selling products should contribute more to the cost of recycling than the average household consumer
  • Only 25% of us believe that all waste can be recycled
  • Only 43% of us feel confident enough to put different waste in their respectful recycling bin

Managing Director of recycling and integrated assets at Viridor Paul Brown said,

“A more standardised approach to waste collection across local authority boundaries, would deliver economies of scale, encourage more social infrastructure in the right places and help boost economic growth. The success of the recycling process begins with the public and its heartening that people really do want to do the right thing. But they need a clear and concise message from their local authorities if we are to collectively improve recycling performance and reach national targets”

The full report can be found here,

bins-different-coloursIt is a nationally recognised issue and the UK consumers recognise there could be a number of negative consequences in the next 50 years if there is not an increase in the amount of waste that is recycled or used to create energy. For example, three-quarters of the public believe it is likely there will be oceans full of plastic and seven in ten believe high levels of water contamination are likely.

With an ever growing population it is only a matter of time until a national recycling scheme is rolled out across all councils and a universal recycling system is finally put in place. But lets not forget that their are councils out their that have made recycling a breeze for its residents & have had a positive impact on us all.2016-09-27-Bin-Types

What are your thoughts & suggestions on improving the recycling in your local area?




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