Mercedes-Benz The Municipal Kings? -

None of us our strangers to the current day to day challenges that Haulage & Municipal operators encounter in our built up urban areas, but some of us might not know how to tackle the situations these environments throw at us.

Luckily there are all ways those who stride to provide ground-breaking resources to there respected sectors, Mercedes-Benz is quite simply in a class of its own when it comes to this. With the Mercedes-Benz Econic range demonstrating this for the past 16 years and only getting stronger at it. We all know the current day to day risks encounted in vast crowded urban areas with overwhelming numbers of hazards around each corner, but with a unique low-entry cab combined with a complete aluminium space-frame, with high-tech sheet-moulded composite fibre panels. Minimizing blind spots is achieved with the passenger side of the cab having a state of the art air-operated, fully glazed, floor-to-ceiling door. This combined with a panoramic windscreen which accords the driver an unrivaled field of vision, thanks to the cross cab vision offering clear front and Side view. An advantage as it is at the same level as pedestrians and cyclists when driving in these shared  built-up areas.

All Mercedes-Benz Econic’s are designed and built with additional pre-wiring which allows bodybuilders to simply install external cameras and dash-mounted monitors, which display images to the driver from a number of angles around the vehicle to ensure enhanced levels of safety for other road users. Complete with Electro-Pneumatic Braking System and a state of the art Anti-Lock Braking System contributing to the safety of the vehicle, its occupants and other road users. The Electronic Stability Program greatly enhances control in critical driving situations, and to top it off the Acceleration Skid Control helps to prevents the wheels from spinning in all circumstances.

With the ability to meet the needs of almost any job, the  Mercedes-Benz Econics Chassis come in an array of sizes and configurations, all with easy mounting points to suit a huge variety of body options. Running on Euro VI emissions levels, the diesel engines offered in the Econic range provide the lowest possible fuel consumption – offering the cleanest vehicle with the lowest running costs and CO2.

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