Chichester District boost recycling

Residents across Chichester District will be able to turn more green waste into compost thanks to new technology.

Chichester District Council has introduced two new trucks to its green waste service. The vehicles operate using a revolving drum. As material is collected and loaded into the truck, the drum rotates and pushes it down, compacting it tightly which means even more green waste can be collected.

The green waste service costs less than £1 a week. Collections take place fortnightly and the material collected is then turned into compost by The Woodhorn Group, based in Oving, Chichester. The service currently has 11,000 customers.

The new trucks have a number of benefits:

* fewer moving parts which means less maintenance and fewer repairs;

* they are lighter than conventional trucks which means less fuel;

* unpleasant odours are reduced; and

* the trucks produce less noise.

The trucks are also enhanced by an attractive livery design of a lawnmower which mimics the way the drum works. The trucks have already started to be used on green waste rounds.

John Hoole, Transport Manager at Chichester District Council, says: “We are always looking for ways to improve our services to benefit residents. We are really pleased with the new vehicles and think they will make a huge difference.” Source: