Bagnall & Morris Waste Services Ltd (B&M), a leading independent family owned waste management company, has chosen Heil Farid, once again, to provide a Front End Loader for its front line service. The company provides total waste management solutions, designed to meet environmental and legislative obligations for its customers, and prides itself on quality of service. Indeed, it offers a comprehensive range of services to its customers throughout the UK including: recycling, bulk trade collections, commercial trade collections, confidential data destruction and hazardous waste solutions.

As quality of service is so important to the company, it is little wonder then that the vehicles it chooses to deliver this service have to be reliable. Having previously purchased and successfully operated Heil Euro Half Pack front end loaders (FELs), the decision to upgrade to a new Heil Farid FEL was something of a no-brainer. However, on this occasion the specification of the new FEL was a little different to that of their previous. With the ever-increasing need to improve operational performance and cost efficiency the new FEL was ordered with a “Whalegate” tailgate ‘rear end’. The Whalegate provides a larger volume for waste containment. Hence, the vehicle can stay out on its rounds for longer, take on increased load and, therefore, is more cost effective.

Mounted to a 32t GVW Scania P Series 8×2*6 rear-steer chassis to aid manoeuvrability for tight access areas, the Heil Euro Half Pack is supplied with many safety features to assist the driver in his daily operation including in-cab warning light & alarm to alert when the top door is open and when the FEL arms are not stowed in the travel position and a ‘live’ three camera recording system. Other safety features include non-slip roof surfacing and fall restraint roof safety system to enable a safer working environment for the Bagnall & Morris maintenance workshop staff.

Paul Jarmay, Fleet Engineer/Transport Manager at B&M Waste Services says, “We have invested in Heil Farid equipment because of its exemplary operating performance, it offers good reliability and durability, as well as keeping whole life costs to a minimum. We have a growing fleet of vehicles operating in depot locations around the UK and pride ourselves on service; so reliable vehicles are imperative to our business. The new Heil Farid FEL is fitted with a bin weighing system and it was purchased to work on all FEL routes based from our Bromborough depot. The Whalegate design will allow us to increase the volume collected at one go and reduce the number of trips to the materials recovery facility. It represents sound commercial sense and good value for money as well as helping the environment as a result of greater efficiency. To find out more about B&M Waste Services please visit “



Photo Caption: FEL at Bagnall & Morris depot showing Whalegate


Photo Caption: FEL on its rounds on the Wirral