Dear Partner

We are delighted that you are part of our distinguished group of preferred partners, and we value the relationship that has developed between us.

Corporate Social Responsibility to Dennis Eagle is a commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner, and is built upon our vision, business strategies and ambition.

To drive this commitment, we have signed and adopted the Birmingham City Council ‘Business Charter for Social Responsibility’ – and we are very proud to showcase our accreditation.

The Business Charter for Social Responsibility has been developed in response to the implementation of the Social Value Act (2012).

This is an act of law that outlines mandatory guiding principles that Councils will follow in their operations and activities, requiring all tendered contracts to demonstrate their impact and social value so that local authorities can use their purchasing powers to make public money work as hard as possible for the economic, social and environmental benefit of its residents.

This accreditation therefore gives us a distinct advantage when dealing with all clients that use public money.

What does this Charter mean for us?

One of the guiding principles of the Charter is to assess the signatories’ role in the communities:

“Charter signatories will play an active role in the local community and community support organisations, especially in those areas and communities with the greatest need.”

In order to be at the forefront of sound business practice, Dennis Eagle has pledged to put the principles of the Charter into practice and encourage our preferred partners to share our beliefs. It is our business strategy to be competitive in our tenders nationwide, and to continue to receive and win contracts nationally; we also believe that it will be to a considerable business advantage if we can align our partners with these guiding principles. Needless to add that the benefits associated with increased numbers of successful tenders will also accrue to our partners.

We would like nothing more than for Dennis Eagle and its preferred partners to stay one step ahead of our competition. This is why we would like to invite you to align yourselves with our social value initiative – “Dennis to the Rescue!”.

The primary objective of the “Dennis to the Rescue!” book is to change the recycling behaviour of families through practical parental engagement and interaction of parents and children.

The “Dennis to the Rescue!” book has been endorsed by Councils and schools as an effective educational tool for social change in the community; through simple yet effective information for children and their parents, behavioural change is leading to more responsible recycling in the homes, the very source of waste management.

It is obvious that better recycling not only provides an abundance of environmental benefits for communities and society, but also increases the profitability of the Councils’ recycling operations; and any gains in recycling efficiency will be credited to Dennis Eagle (and its suppliers). In turn, this will be a positive factor for future Dennis Eagle tenders.

This is why we have started the “Dennis to the Rescue!” campaign and encourage you to join us: please consider sponsoring batches of “Dennis to the Rescue!” books so that we can deliver these books for free into local authorities and help Councils around the country to achieve social value and efficiency in their operations.

We are attaching a copy of the “Dennis to the Rescue!” book – the quality of its content will speak for itself. Being one of our preferred partners we will contact you shortly to discuss how you can become part of our campaign.